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About Us

Security First Asset Management is an independent, full-service financial advisory firm designed to help individuals in all stages of their lives to thrive, not just survive in any market environment. We believe that knowledge and understanding empowers individuals to take positive action and make informed decisions. 

Through our 5 Step Educational Process we prepare you for the five challenges of retirement planning, which are:


Living Longer




Healthcare Costs


Market Risk



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Since 1997, Security First has focused on educating individuals in or near retirement about the economic and fiscal challenges they may face so they can make informed decisions regarding their finances. The sound conservative guidance and educational mindset of Founder and CEO, Bill Danner, set the foundation for the level of service and education you will receive as a client of our firm. 

Security First provides personal risk assessments, estate planning, retirement planning, addresses long-term care needs, investment advice, asset management, retirement & income planning, social security, as well as college planning. We take great care to ensure that everyone we meet with feels comfortable. More importantly, we get to know one another, evaluate if we are a good fit for each other, consider all aspects of your financial situation, and, if appropriate, help you implement the best strategies to help turn your financial goals into a reality.

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