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5-Step Educational Process

Our 5-Step process is designed to help you assess your current financial situation and build a solid foundation for your retirement. Through education and sound planning, we will help prepare you for the rest of your life.


Identify Lifetime Objectives & Strategies

At Security First Asset Management, we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. No two situations are alike. We tailor your financial strategies to assist you in achieving your specific lifetime goals and objectives.


Understand All of Your Options

We understand that choosing a financial advisor is a difficult decision. We will invest the time in you to build a relationship and help you understand all your options so that you feel confident in making financial decisions that will set the foundation for your retirement.


Determine Your Risk Profile

You may have thought, how much of my money should be in high-risk investments? How much should I have in more conservative investments? Should I buy life insurance? We believe in staying within your comfort level rather than chasing short-term market returns or taking on unnecessary risks.


Build Your Stable Allocation Model

Your personal preferences as well as your cash flow needs are some of the factors that determine your investment allocation. In building your model, we will inform you of conservative investment options that fit within your risk profile and support our efforts in reaching your financial goals.


Schedule Regular Periodic Reviews

When you become a client, we will schedule regular periodic reviews and invite you to our educational events. We firmly believe that learning is a continuous process. As a result, we are committed to meeting with you on a regular basis as a way to keep you informed and help you stay the course. Our company’s success is partly due to our customer service. We strive to follow-up with our clients several times per year with phone calls, updates, newsletters, client appreciation educational events, and more.

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Five-Step Lifetime Income Blueprint Process

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