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Estate Planning

Start Your Estate Planning 

Estate Docs Pro

Affordable Estate Planning for Everyone


Eliminate "legalese" and follow simple systematic process written in easy to understand terms. With "pop-up help" you won't need experience to build a plan customized for you.


Printed documents are ready for you as soon as you finish your online interview. There is no waiting on anyone to provide you anything. This process works instantaneously.


By using this technology, the cost of hiring Estate Planning Attorneys is spread amongst thousands of users, and with included updates, this keeps the cost very low even into the future.


While Estate Planning Attorneys with decades of Experience prepared these documents, you have the ability to personalize them to your needs, keeping you in control.


This program offers protection from probate, creditors and a way to protect how and when your children receive their funds.


Between the notary signature and the two witness signatures, this program is valid in every state.


Your information is stored in a cloud-based vault protected by "A" rated SHA1/RSA 204bitkeyed SSL encryption, meaning it is locked safely in an online vault.

Do I need a Will or Trust?

Security First Asset Management does not offer legal advice. Consult your legal advisor regarding your situation. Do-it-yourself estate document software licensed from Estate Documents Pro, LLC. Estate Documents Pro, LLC is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Security First Asset Management, MAS, and Estate Documents Pro, LLC are not affiliated entities.