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The process of estate planning helps ensure you have the capability to pass your assets on to your loved ones and/or charities of your choice upon your death. There are a number of factors to consider when making estate planning decisions, including tax considerations and other responsibilities your heirs may acquire at that time. At Security First Asset Management in Macon, GA, our team of financial advisors, tax professionals, insurance professionals, and estate planning attorneys can help ensure your estate plan covers your specific wishes.

Legacy Planning

Our legacy planning services can help you meet special life goals and help ensure your family is comfortable after you pass.

Extended Care Planning

We can help you find ways to pay for the cost of long-term care if your current income proves insufficient to cover those potential costs in the future.

Analysis of Surviving Spouses and Singles

Our team can look at your current income picture to help determine if, upon your passing, your surviving spouse will have adequate financial security. If you find yourself single during retirement, our team can help you understand your asset and income protection options, as it is often more complicated to plan retirement income for singles.

Estate Tax Mitigation

Through our estate planning services, we can help you create a solid estate plan that not only addresses how you distribute your assets to your beneficiaries but also the ways in which you can protect your assets from over-taxation upon your passing.

Trust Management

If you choose to place some of your benefits in a trust, we can help you with trust management, mitigation of the potential downsides, and progress toward your long-term estate planning goals.

Asset Protection

We can help you understand the consequences of your estate plan, particularly as it relates to tax obligations. Our team can work to help you find a balance between shielding your assets and preserving the important minimum allowable tax exclusion that will benefit your spouse.

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