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Riskalyze Risk Assessment Macon, GA

Many Americans are facing uncertainty and deep concerns as a result of having no clear financial plan for their retirement years. In many cases, people are more concerned about protecting themselves from losses than they are about taking reasonable risks to achieve needed gains. There are many potential obstacles to overcome as one enters the retirement years, including medical expenses, market instability, taxes, and the prospect of outliving retirement savings. However, at Security First Asset Management in Macon, GA, we offer a risk assessment method for analyzing your acceptable level of risk, enabling you to leverage it for optimum financial results.

An advisor from our team will use Riskalyze to provide you with a risk assessment. The process starts with a risk number, which quantitatively identifies the amount of risk you want, how much risk is necessary for you to reach your financial goals, and the amount of risk currently present in your portfolio.

How Riskalyze Works

The first step is determining the level of risk you want, which has nothing to do with your age. Each person is different and has a different risk tolerance. An advisor from our team may establish your risk target using a questionnaire or by discussing your risk portfolio with you.

After we establish your risk number as part of your risk assessment, we will develop your portfolio. Your advisor will define normal expectations for your portfolio by using your risk number and a 95 percent probability range. As you monitor the performance of your investments in this way, you will see that any result over a six-month period landing within this range indicates that your investment performance is right on track. So, instead of sabotaging the potential of your investments by selling early, missing a market recovery, and failing to get back into the market at the right time, you will have permission to stay the course, even when the market is volatile.

Riskalyze can help establish you as a confident investor who is not deterred by the ups and downs of the market.

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