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Estate planning makes it possible to ensure that your assets go to your intended recipients upon your passing, which may include your loved ones and/or designated charities. When making decisions about the distribution of your estate, there are various factors to consider, including the responsibilities your heirs will have, and tax considerations. At Security First Asset Management serving Dublin, GA, our group of professional insurance, tax, financial, and estate planning specialists can help you put in place the estate plan that fulfills your wishes.

Legacy Planning

The legacy planning services we offer include advice and guidance to help you achieve certain financial objectives and make sure your family is well taken care of after you pass.

Extended Care Planning

Our team can assist you in determining how to cover the costs of future long-term care if your current income proves less than what will be needed for those potential expenses.

Analysis for Singles and Surviving Spouses

We can help determine if, upon your passing, your spouse will have sufficient financial security. If you happen to be single during any part of your retirement years, we can help you take advantage of income and asset protection options for singles.

Estate Tax Mitigation

Our estate planning services include helping you put into place an effective estate plan that covers your asset distribution needs and also helps you benefit from ways to shield your assets from excessive taxation in the event of your passing.

Trust Management

If you want to use a trust to hold some of your benefits, we can guide you with trust management issues and avoid any drawbacks from this choice, enabling you to effectively achieve your long-term estate planning objectives.

Asset Protection

We can help you understand how your estate plan will affect your tax obligations. Our asset protection professionals can assist you in developing a plan to keep the minimum allowable tax exclusion that is helpful to your spouse while also protecting your assets.

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