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Income Planning in Dublin, GA

When it comes to financial planning, income for retirement is a primary goal for many investors focusing on accumulating as much money as possible to live comfortably during their golden years. How to make the necessary amount of money for retirement in advance of these years is key. At Security First Management serving Dublin, GA, we can guide you toward achieving your income planning goals by helping develop a plan to generate the income streams you need to fully fund your retirement needs.

Financial Planning – Income from Pension & Social Security

Decisions involving pension income include whether to take your pension proceeds in one lump sum or as a fixed-income stream. The decision you make will affect the amount of taxes you owe. Our team can discuss with you the pros and cons of choosing either approach.

So many retired persons depend on Social Security payments for a large portion of their retirement income. The time you choose to start receiving Social Security will impact the size of your benefit payment each month. A Social Security income planner from our team can help you choose the best age to begin getting Social Security based on your preferences and financial situation.

Planning for Investment and Other Income

As experienced investment income planners, we work diligently to help our clients achieve their retirement goals through the creation of investment portfolios that leverage their income potential pre-retirement. These strategies are designed to allow the optimum amount of risk while maximizing growth.

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