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Riskalyze Risk Assessment Dublin, GA

Many Americans have not properly prepared financially for their retirement years. Some people shrink from taking reasonable risks to achieve the financial gains they need. Instead, they are overly concerned with shielding themselves from potential loss. A balance between taking risks and protecting against risks is required for optimum results. Some of the financial obstacles Americans must overcome leading up to retirement include market fluctuations, healthcare costs, the potential to run out of retirement savings, and tax obligations. At Security First Asset Management serving Dublin, GA, we offer a risk assessment method that determines your preferred level of risk, allowing you to utilize it for superb results.

One of our advisors will use Riskalyze to generate your risk assessment. Receiving your risk number begins a quantitative process of determining how much risk you want, how much risk you need to take on to effectively achieve your financial objectives, and the current level of risk in your portfolio. Our method generates highly effective results.

The Riskalyze Process

The initial step in the Riskalyze process is identifying your risk tolerance and preference, which will not necessarily depend on your age, but other factors. Your assigned advisor may determine your risk target by using a questionnaire to gather key information or by talking to you about your risk portfolio.

As we use your risk number to help develop your risk assessment, we will create your portfolio. The advisor working with you will outline what a normal outlook for your portfolio is using your risk number combined with a 95 percent probability range. As you observe your investments over time in light of these factors, you will realize that if the performance of your investments during a six-month period of time falls within this range, then they are meeting expectations.

So, rather than failing to realize the potential of your investments by selling prematurely, missing out when the market recovers, and not reentering the market at the ideal time, you will have the confidence to stay right on track with your investments, even during market instability.

With Riskalyze, we can help you operate as a confident investor who is not swayed by the fluctuations of the market.

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